Wednesday, November 22

American Music Awards

I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving. Baking and cooking (read cursing and kicking the oven) so I tuned in to the AMAs last night more for background noise than anything. I have a friend from home who was in High School Musical, Monique Coleman (although back home she's Adrienne) and of course she looked great. It's pretty amazing to see someone you used to talk about going to awards show with when you were teenagers actually at an awards show. I am SO very proud of her! Also I wanted to see the Dixie Chicks perform and Kanye West win something, or bitch about not winning something. The Chicks were great-as was Tenacious D. I'm not sure how I feel about the movie though. Like other college kids across the country I felt like I had 'discovered' the D and I'm still not sure if I want to share them. Greatest Song In The World (A Tribute) is still one of my top five favorite songs. Needless to say I will definitely be seeing Pick of Destiny this weekend. All in all I guess the best thing that I can say about this year's AMAs is that they could have been worse. I could go on a rant about women who wear shorts with gowns men who pimp cliches and call it music, but I'll restrain myself. Three things though: I would appreciate it if the guys from Nickleback could stop being so damn attractive. I don't really like your music and it bugs me that I can't just change the channel when I see you. Also, the the Chili Peppers have always and will always rock and they do it without taking themselves so damn seriously--everyone could learn a thing or two. And lastly, a confession, YES I DID dance in my kitchen to Lionel Ritchie and I am not embarrassed...ok maybe a little bit....

Well I getting out of town for Turkey Day so there won't be anything tomorrow (although I will be watching all of the thanksgiving West Wings because that is what real fans do) but I'll catch you all up on Friday. Have a great Holiday!!!