Tuesday, November 28


How much do I love Corinne Bailey Rae? Well, not as much as Brad Whitford, but it's close.

Ok! So, we're getting better, starting to pick up some steam here. Last night's Studio 60 was closer to the vintage Aaron we all know and love: playing around with time, mixing the high drama with comedy. I feel much better. I'm still lovin' the idea of Jordan and Danny, but I have a feeling that it's Jack's baby. Anybody wanna' take that bet?

On a personal note, I had an Aaron night all night long! I started watching Season Seven of the West Wing on DVD. Jimmy Smits in a flight suit is in itself worth the price of admission. And for a while there my night was going great. WW, Heroes and S60 with a healthy dose of Brett Farve thrown in...and then....

The Packers start losing, AGAIN. This isn't fair people. This is NOT RIGHT!!! I have been a loyal fan for a long time.I didn't cut and run when things went bad (4/28....you know who you are) We all know this is Brett's last season and damn it he deserves a winning one! 252 consecutive starts apparently mean nothing to the football gods. Whatever. I'm letting it go. We'll trounce the Jets on Sunday, Sega will cry and all will be right with the world. Probably not, but a girl can dream....