Tuesday, November 28


Welcome Lillie Ann Colley!!!

I have a new cousin! Lillie Ann Colley was born this morning at 10:20 am in Louisville, KY. She's 19 inches long, 7lbs, 6 oz of adorableness. As soon as we have a picture I'll share it with you.

In other news...
Went to lunch with a friend from work and before I was interrupted by the happy baby news I was being regaled with stories from her date the previous evening. A couple of things: First of all, just because we work together and happen to go to lunch together occasionally does not make us friends. I don't need to hear every detail of your date. Actually I don't need to hear ANY of the details. Why don't we just stick to TV shows, music and movies, huh?
Secondly- there is no need to tell me all about the sex you had last night. Especially when I'm trying to eat!!! Seriously, I have never been so happy to be interrupted by a phone call in my life! People, there are just some things you should keep to yourself. Needless to say I won't be having lunch with her again. And it's not that I don't know that women talk about these things. I have sisters and I have friends. I even have friends at work who know how I feel about a certain someone and one friend who called me as she was leaving a date last night (but she's a little crazy). The difference is that this is someone I've had lunch with maybe three times in the 11 months I've been working here. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Now even MORE news:
My brother (actually he's my half-sister's half brother, but what the hell) just finished a TV movie that is going into post production now. It's called Pandemic and should be on USA in the new year. So this Christmas we all have to remember not to make fun of the cheesy TV movies because they're paying for the presents!!!