Monday, November 27

Crackpots and These Women

Give me hope

Give me hope

That emptiness brings fullness

And loss of love

Brings wholeness to us all

Swear that you can't swim the river

But I saw you runnin' to jump in

And I swore I'd never be your sinner

Til I held your sin

-Indigo Girls

Ok, so I went home for lunch like always and I was dithering over whether or not to tell him to just go now or allow myself a walk down memory lane over dinner. I get to my apt and he is eating my second piece of cheesecake and playing Fight For NY on my PS2. Let me say again...EATING MY CHEESECAKE!!! And (take a breath because this is truly heinous) one of my West Wing DVDs is ON THE FLOOR!!! Needless to say he is leaving as I type this.

So I just want to say, thank you David. Thank you for reverting to the true jackass that you have always been and treating my apartment and my things with absolutely no respect.

So now I have my sanity and my day back. I will spend the evening with two of my favorite men, Brett and Aaron. Aaaahhhh. Much better.

PS. the Dan Band holiday CD, HO, is out!!! I got an email about it when I got back from my ass kicking lunch hour. Things are already looking up!