Wednesday, November 29


I am so frustrated right now that I don't even have words for it. I don't know that there are words for this level of utter frustration and the only appropriate action I can think to take is a temper tantrum, which is out of the range of possibilities while I am at work, so I guess I'm just SOL. A titling database that I have been working on for two weeks is gone. GONE. Nothing I can do. No way to get the data back. Definitely no way to get the thing up and running in the time I promised my bosses, not with everything else that I have on my plate. Add in the fact that everyone's IQ points seemed to have dropped by at least a hundred today and that none of them seem to be able to even tie their own shoes without my help and what you end up with is a serious need for some Bombay Sapphire. I will be out of here by seven tonight if I have to chew off my own ankle and spring this Hell trap.