Wednesday, November 29

It's called a skirt guys!

OK, so I may not be the most girly of the girls, but this is ridiculous. I wore a skirt to work today. Stop the presses and call the Queen. Apparently it's a matter of nation wide importance. I was in a good mood when I got up this morning, and it was the first thing I saw in my closet. So yes, I am wearing a skirt. And heels. And earrings. And now I'm getting calls at my desk from people all over the building.
Cindy: Heard you're all dressed up.
Me: Good lord, you too?!
Cindy: Going out tonight?
Me: Why?
Cindy: Well why are you all dressed up?
Me: Because I've always been in love with you Cindy and I'm trying to get your attention.
Cindy: Seriously.
Me: I don't know! Why is this such a big deal?
Cindy: Fine. Don't go getting all frustrated!
And I wouldn't have except that it was the third conversation of its kind that I had had this morning and I'm BUSY here people!!!
Actually I was only planning on doing some laundry tonight, but since I look good today (and that is an apparently rare event) I think I'll take myself out for some oysters tonight and laundry be damned!
Is it just that I can't take a compliment or would everyone feel this way- if you keep telling me how good I look today over and over, I'm going to start thinking that I normally look pretty crappy, at least to you. Whatever. Oysters and beer will fix it!