Tuesday, November 21

Option Period

You know you're a real fan when the theme music wakes you up and you are suddenly no longer tired at all. I barely made it through Heroes last night. I feel asleep way before I found out if they saved the cheerleader and the world. But as soon as the Studio 60 music started (continuing my love affair with W.G. Snuffy Walden and the entire Sorkin creative team. And guess what? Ricky and Ron are gone! I'm fine with that. Aaron is a genius, but he does not write petty feuding well. So now there is more time to focus on Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet. I've been waiting for something to happen between the two of them since their first scene together and I knew Aaron wouldn't let me down. Take a look at next week's promo. I know, I know, Matthew Perry is supposed to be "the hot one". And that's fine, you can have him. I'll take Brad Whitford any day. Even the dumpy sweaters and reading glasses cannot make him any less wonderful. It's innate charm and wit combined with amazing talent and great eyes. Sigh....