Thursday, November 30

Part one and two

I'm watching the West Wing season seven a little bit each night. Trying to hold out and make it last longer-although we all know about my lack of will power. Last night the will power was out in such force that I watched two discs and stayed up until 2:30. A great idea when you're coming in to work in crisis mode. Except.... (drum roll here) MY DATA IS BACK!!! So now I can't move to France and become a famous mime, but I can do my job without having four panic attacks in a day.

I have to admit to you that there were three episodes that I didn't get to watch when they aired. There was some personal turmoil last Jan/Feb (which is no excuse for a real fan, I know) and so I missed some things. I kept up with what was going on online and my mom watched them and gave me reports, but it's not the same. The roller coaster ride of election win and the loss of Leo was heartbreaking. It's part of what kept me up until all hours of the morning. (I mean, Josh in his boxers didn't hurt...) I don't really know how to express the amount of respect that I have for these actors except to say that at no point today will I regret staying up as late as I did. I was watching Donna tell Josh that Leo was gone and remembering how I learned that John was gone. I was sitting on my couch watching WW reruns on Bravo instead of the news when my old roommate called me and asked me how I was. Something in her voice told me that I was about to be not so great. I miss Leo. I am sure that his friends and family miss John Spencer. It makes me sad to know that I won't be able to follow his career as I am his cast mates'. And that his great talent is lost. But it somehow helps to know that I have those DVDs of him--so we can visit every once in a while.