Tuesday, November 21

RIP Robert Altman


They posted a notice today at 11:41. Apparently he passed at 11:29 this morning. Mr. Altman ws 81 and a particular favorite of mine. He will be missed.

More On 'Robert Altman'
Robert Altman
Director/Producer/Screenwriter: February 20, 1925 - Kansas City, MO

Avik Gilboa/WireImage.com
From All Movie Guide: During the 1970s, an era widely recognized as a renaissance period of American moviemaking, few directors enjoyed greater prominence than Robert Altman. An iconoclast whose work acutely attacked the conventions of genre filmmaking, Altman both satirized and revitalized such warhorses as the western, the musical, and the crime drama, waging war on the sterile artifice of mainstream storytelling by creating a singularly sprawling and deliberately messy cinematic world bursting at the seams with sounds, images, characters, and plot lines. Famed for his inventive brand of overlapping (and often improvisational) dialogue and an acknowledged master of modern camera technique, Altman's quixotic career has been uneven at best, yet he remains a pivotal figure of contemporary cinema, a true maverick responsible for many of the defining motion pictures of his times.