Friday, November 24

Thanksgiving Hangover

I went to Fort Washington, MD to see some friends and family for Thanksgiving. My mom went to the Bahamas and my dad went to Vegas, but I had to work on Friday, so I was going to behave myself.... My cousins and friends had all decided to have our Turkey Day at my cousin Tara's house in MD because she lost her mom last year. We ate like kings and played football in the back yard in what was left of the Nor' Easter and generally had a great time. My plan was to watch Grey's Anatomy, drink some wine and get a good night's sleep... At about 10:15 I was on the phone with a friend talking about Kristina and Burke when I was picked up off my feet and dumped into a car.(All I have to say is that SOMEONE isn't getting anything for Christmas!) We went to some bar in Georgetown where I ran into friends from Charleston and the rest is history. Actually,the rest is the brass band that has been banging in my head all day. It won't be history until I finally get to bed---which I still haven't done.
The problem with all this, other than the obvious, is that I'm supposed to be seeing someone tonight that I would really like to get to know. He's been pretty patient with my wacky schedule and now there is no way I'll be able to go out. I'll be lucky if I make it through the day. Well, we'll see what happens...