Monday, November 20

What kind of weekend has it been

So, I am quite proud of myself. I got all of my errands done AND managed to read the entire NY Times on Saturday. Can't really complain. So then on Sunday I decided to get out of the house to watch the games. Not that you can ever spend too much time watching SportsNight and West Wing re-runs at home, but I had decided to make a change. I talked to my mom for a while in the morning and she was going to a baseball game and then out to dinner with some friends. And since I told her that I was going out myself, I was pretty boxed in. (BTW, who plays baseball in November????) Anyway I went down to my new favorite bar and ended up meeting a pretty cool group of people. One was a Jets fan, but I've decided not to hold that against him because of his karaoke skills. The point is that it felt good to get out and meet new people. I guess the universe was rewarding the fact that I took action by steering the boors and bores away from me. No plans yet for the week, but I'm seriously considering taking myself to a movie tomorrow night. We'll see how it goes....