Saturday, December 30


You never miss a good thing
Till it leaves ya
Finally I realize that I
need ya
I want you back, baby girl I need you back
Gotta have you back
Heartbroken when you left my world
Man I wish I could’ve kept my
Cause I love you
I don’t know what I’m gon’ do
Without my
It’s driving me crazy, cause I been
Missing you lately
I’m going
out of my mind and I’m runnin’ out of time
Oh I just wish I could find you
Said I’m about to go crazy
Cause I’ve been needin’ you lately I’m
going out of my head and all the things that I said I wish that I never said ‘em

The reason that you leave your cd player or the iPod you got for Christmas against all odds (Thank you Mommy!!!) on random is that sometimes the universe send you strange messages through song selection. I believe this. There is no such thing as random. When I turned on my car to come to work Usher was singing to me and I just had to chuckle. It might not necessarily be true (well the part about me being gone is true-- i just don't think he's noticed that his chance passed him by yet)--but even if it isn't true it was a fine way to start the day. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!




Friday, December 29

Happy Holiday Hangovers

People keep asking me what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve. I’m doing what I do every Sunday. Watching football. I’m going to watch the games with Sega and then I’m going home and avoiding all of the insanity that comes with this particular holiday.

Christmas was more than enough for me. I have never eaten or drank that much, that consistently in my life! Don’t get me wrong; I had a fabulous time. It was the first time that all of my siblings were home in years and we made the most of it. Now I need sleep. I need rest. I am a winter nester. When the weather turns cold I start cooking and cleaning. My house sparkles and smells wonderful. The old quilts come out to cover the couch and the bed; the big copper pots come out to cover the stove. There are chowders and stews and soups, casseroles and breads to make. Let’s face it a good home made clam chowder is only made better by a thick piece of bread just out of the oven. Crackers are for wimps. One of my sisters asked me if I would still do it now that I’m living alone. I told her that I never really did it for anyone else beside myself. I like the hours spent over a stove. I like taking recipes I have known by heart for so long that I can feel them in my bones and making magic out of them. There is something beautiful in the waiting for my winter foods. These are all day affairs. Meme Ruth used to say that if chowder took less than four hours to prepare you hadn’t done it correctly.
My house is not always a home. Sometimes it seems more like a hotel where I am stopping to sleep. But for a couple of months each year it is a cozy corner of the world filled with warmth and comfort. I’m starting that this new year with my split pea soup, peasant bread and berry pie. Enjoy your hangovers!

Thursday, December 21


I can’t beg him for one more year and I won’t tell him to go. I’ll simply say that I love him and I will always be a fan. I love you Brett! Favre 4Ever!

On a more personal note (although what could be more personal than Packer Football I truly do not know) things are going really well. I have a date tonight (#4 with the sailor) after my office Christmas party. We won’t be able to see each other until Jan 5th after this so it should be…fun… And soon I’ll be on my way home to Charleston!!!

As much as I love writing to you all I have to sign off now. Hopefully I’ll be able to update you on the party tomorrow- but if not:


Wednesday, December 20

A Year Without John

This week is a year since the death of John Spencer, Leo on the West Wing. If you have not been reading the Sunset Strip blog I've linked to here shame on you because it is fantastic and done by a Sorkinite like myself. One of the things I'll ask of you this Christmas is that you check it out. There is a great tribute to John on the page :

so check it out!

The Christmas episodes that Aaron writes are always my favorites Sports Night, West Wing and now Studio 60. Give yourself a treat guys an check them out.

And now- we miss you John!!!

"This guy's walking down a street, when he falls in a hole. The walls are
so steep, he can't get out. A doctor passes by, and the guy shouts up 'Hey you!
Can you help me out?' The doctor writes him a prescription, throws it down the
hole and moves on. Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up 'Father, I'm
down in this hole, can you help me out?' The priest writes out a prayer, throws
it down in the hole and moves on. Then a friend walks by. 'Hey Joe, it's me, can
you help me out?' And the friend jumps in the hole! Our guy says 'Are you
stupid? Now we're both down here!" and the friend says, 'Yeah, but I've been
down here before, and I know the way out.' Long as I got a job, you got a job.

Tuesday, December 19

Charleston Christmas

I am ready to go home. It starts with me flying down the highway with my car full of presents and laundry—stubbornly refusing to listen to Christmas carols because once I am in my mother’s house that is all that will be allowed. Every year it is the same. We will go to the grocery store at least three times because we never remember to put everything on the list and we always run out of brown sugar. We’ll go out to dinner on Saturday night and then around to all the bars where my friends work to say hello. Sunday morning we’ll go to Mass together and then I’ll go to brunch with my dad, sisters and brother. Then wrapping presents—my mother upstairs and me down- each of us casting nervous glances at the stairs and planning sneak attacks. We’ll clean her already pristine house and go to dinner with my brother and some of his friends. We always go to the Festival of Lights on Christmas Eve to go ice-skating and drink hot cocoa; on to the lobby of the Charleston Place for a little jazz and something stronger than cocoa; then on to my Aunt’s house for her late night party.
These are the steps I have danced as long as I can remember. Rounds of parties filled with family and friends and the mass at my mother’s church and the service at my father’s. Christmas Eve night ends with my siblings and I asleep on the floor in front of an old movie and Christmas day starts with chicory coffee and shrimp and grits (and bruises—my sister Linda kicks in her sleep). We spend the day eating and cooking and watching Monty Python’s Life of Brian and The Princess Bride. We quote every line and sing every song and generally drive my mother crazy. She loves it.
After dinner we all go downtown to my oldest sister’s house where the entire extended family and our various spouses, friends, children and pets meet to exchange gifts, have the wind hugged out of us by Aunt Gloria and generally throw the best party of the year. Furniture gets pushed back and carols turned up. A Temptations Christmas gets played …and replayed…and replayed… Stories are told and babies passed around and at some point I seep out onto the balcony and watch them through the windows because I just love these people so much.
My family is magical to me. We are sailors and soldiers, doctors and lawyers, teachers and real estate agents, fast food managers and PhD’s, secretaries and socialists, insurance agents and actors, writers and scientists. We are African and Scottish, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Cuban and Puerto Rican. We are hetero and homosexual, married, single, divorced and remarried. We are unborn and we are 96 and we are everything in between. When we are together you can feel it—all of these people loving each other so fiercely in spite of our differences because of our history. Walking back inside I’ll get a charge. It is power and love and it sustains me until I can be with them again. My batteries are winding down and I am ready to go home.

Saturday, December 16


I was 23 when he died. I remember only pieces of the accident. The feeling of the SUV starting to tip over, a woman standing over me with the sun behind her, seeing my mother in the emergency room through the haze of blood in my eyes. I don't remember the pain. I don't remember pain until I was recuperating at my mother's house. The doctors say that is because of a combination of shock and morphine and I suppose they are right. I remember sitting in a wheelchair next to his body in morgue and running my fingers through his hair and over his face for the last time-- I remember how it felt to know that I was doing it for the last time.
There are scars. A gash on my knee, staples in my back, stitches on my foot and my cheek. They are faded now. Someone asked me last night if I had ever been in love with someone who hadn't loved me back. I said no. It's not that I've never thought I was in love and it wasn't returned. It's that after being with Grady I understand the true, once in a lifetime, type of love that can only be a reciprocal experience. Can it really be love if it is one sided? I don't know. What I do know is that in 1998 I met a man who changed my life forever and in 2003 i lost him.
I wake up some nights because I have that feeling of tipping, the moment when gravity becomes fate is enshrined in my muscle memory and will bring me from a sound sleep to the brink of nausea.
His sister gave me the ring after the funeral. It's beautiful. An antique ring of sapphire set in platinum-- it's one I had seen in a window in a store in Charleston and fell in love with. I've never worn it.
I miss fighting with him, I miss the way he smelled, I miss the stupid faces he would make at me when I was rehearsing or recording. I miss the way he made me laugh and the way he pissed me off- the way he listened and the way his eyes glowed when he was angry. We used to argue over whether the Irish or Scottish were more stubborn--because he found it absurd and amusing. We couldn't be in a room without touching at least once. I can still feel his arm around me and the way that my head fit perfectly on his shoulder.
There is anger and frustration. At myself, at God, at the f**cking b***h who hit us and at him for leaving me. Of course there was guilt and I guess I reacted in a classic way by choosing a man who would punish me for being alive. Maybe therapy would have been helpful, but there is something to be said for crawling out of the tunnel on your own.
There are still days when I'm numb, but there are more and more days now when I want things and more and more things that I want. I like the life that I am creating and I am indescribably grateful for the years I had with Grady and the memories I have now. For a time he was - everything- and no one will ever be able to be him. I'm not expecting that. For the first time since he died I don't think I'm expecting anything, I'm just hoping.

Friday, December 15

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Men are strange. I know this is like saying 'the sky is blue' but still... I was bored last night so I straightened my hair. It didn't take long and really is not that big a deal. I get to work this morning and every guy here has some kind of fit. Loving it or hating it or teasing me about it for the last hour and a half. They just can't deal with change of any kind. My question is: why don't they have work to do? I have work to do! I'm fitting this in while I'm waiting for the printer to finish with the ten million pages I just sent to it so I can get back to work. I love them all and I know that they're a little nutso-crazy so I'm going to let it go. But seriously guys- it's just hair!

In other news I have absolutely no plans for this weekend (other than football on Sunday) and that pretty much sucks.

Thursday, December 14

Ways and Means

This is why I'm not getting an iPod for Christmas: I have no willpower. This should be no surprise to those of you ( all three) who read me on a regular basis, but it is particularly bad around the holidays and birthdays. This Christmas I had told everyone at home that there weren't going to be traditional presents. I'm pledging an hour of volunteering for each member of my family to a charity. I've narrowed it down to three and they get to pick when I get home. So I felt good. True spirit of the season and all that. Then I went on to to look for a book i've had trouble finding and THAT's where I ran into trouble. Long story short- I had to call my dad and ask him to deposit some money in my bank account so I could, you know, buy food. In all fairness, I hadn't spent ALL of my money on my mom, I got my dad a couple of Sonny Rollins cds and a book I knew he'd like. So my dad deposits money in my account and leaves a message on my voice mail letting me know how much he put in and that instead of me paying him back he just won't get me an iPod for Christmas. I didn't even know I was getting an iPod!!!! But it's fine--I'm a big girl, It's not like I need and iPod(sniffle, sniffle)....
I'm still getting the complete West Wing collection from my sisters so it's all good. Aaron is all I need...(although I was going to make a West Wing playlist for my iPod with my favorite songs from each season-- I know, I know, I'm a big dork!)

Wednesday, December 13

The War at Home

My plan for last night was to go see a movie, maybe take myself out to dinner as well. Then one of the guys at work asked me if I wanted to come to his house for dinner--his wife was making a pot roast which is one of my great weaknesses so I said sure. I mean, who's going to pass up a pot roast? Not me. His daughter is four and I've baby-sat for her a few times and we have a little mutual admiration society going so I was looking forward to playing with her and their chocolate labs and eating a home cooked meal that I hadn't home cooked myself. Sounds like a good night, right? WRONG! Here's what they didn't tell me. His wife was trying to set me up with one of her co-workers. Apparently it's crazy that I'm 27 and single. It's not so much the set up that bothered me- M let that slip before we got to his house, he's a good guy. It was the fact that she thinks my life is so sad without a man in it that a set up was necessary. And the guy she picked! ICK! He wasn't bad looking, but he thought he was gorgeous. He had NO sense of humor and a huge sense of self-importance which was completely unwarranted from what I could tell. Plus he ignored McK- their little girl. Let me tell you- being mean to children and dogs is NOT the way to melt my heart. Anyway, everyone saw how bad it was going so I took McK and the dogs for a walk after dinner to give him time to create a reason to get out of there. After that things got better. McK had her bath while her dad and I made fun of the doofus and he promised never to ambush me like that again and then there was Cars...or the little bit of it we got through before she fell asleep. Plus, I got leftovers- so that made up for a lot.
Here's the thing- there are more than enough men in my life. I work with men, my friends are mostly men and there are plenty of men in my family. Yes, it would be nice to have someone special but I do not need him to be hand selected and presented to me with the potatoes and carrots! It'll happen when it happens. Besides I just don't know how ready I am for a relationship and the only person I've met who I'm interested in definitely isn't ready. So everyone needs to take a deep breath and back off. Well, not everyone- but I think the only one who doesn't need to back off isn't reading this anymore so... oh well...

Tuesday, December 12


I've been listening to the Fray all day long...

We'd never know what's wrong
without the pain
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing
are the same
Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe you're starting to compare
To someone not there
Maybe you want her
Maybe you need her
Maybe it's all you're running from
Perfection will not come
No will never come...

That' s all I have to say...

Gone Quiet

It's been a couple of days since I last posted and I'm sorry. It's been an exceedingly strange few days. It seems that before the year is new again 2006 would like me to deal everything it threw at me. Lately my life has been a video game where I just can not get to the next level. My problems are all boring so I won't bore you with them. One good thing though- I might be going to Vegas to see the Dan Band's New Year's Eve show! Yeah, you're all jealous now...just like you'll all be laughing at me when the whole thing falls through. But for now my fingers are crossed and I'm trying to look on the bright side of things. Trying to stay positive when it is fundamentally against my nature. And- of course- watching WW on DVD because there is nothing good on TV at the moment. So if you have some time you might want to get Season 3 of the West Wing and watch Gone Quiet. It is one of my top five episodes. Who else but Aaron could write a show about(drum roll please):
Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy
Why someone would want to be POTUS
Campaign Finance Reform
the NEA
Broken ankles
Medical Malpractice
Lawyers vs. Humanity
the Park Police
and Seniors
and make it FUNNY?! Not just funny, but smart and warm and funny. I'll say it again- I ADORE AARON SORKIN. Can't help it.

Friday, December 8

A Voice for the Voiceless

My voice is gone. Ironically I feel better than I have the past two days. So I'm at work and I'll see how much I can get done before my boss comes in and boots me out. I have a feeling it's going to be a very strange day...

Thursday, December 7


I have never liked small dogs. I am a big dog person- always have been. I especially never understood the little yippy lapdogs that people seem to love so much. But I have fallen in love and her name is Sassy. Silly name, I know. She's the owner of the company's dog and she comes to work pretty much every day. The best thing about Sassy (besides the fact that she loves me too) is this: when you're sick, like I am today, she'll hang out with you. She's spent most of the day on my lap, taking a nap or just watching me work. It's nice to have what amounts to constant hugs when you're feeling crappy. Not that I've changed my mind on small dogs--I'm just making an exception for our CDO (Chief Doggie Officer).

Take This Sabbath Day

I am an idiot. I just thought you should all know that. I feel like microwaved crap right now and instead of sitting snug in my bed drugging myself with cold meds and chicken soup I'm at work. Will I take tomorrow off? No. I'll talk about it, think about it, but when the alarm goes off at 6:30 I'll drag myself up and out the door. Will I be here on Saturday? Yeah. Why? Because I am under the delusion that the place would fall apart without me (not true) and I hate walking back into work after you've had a day or two off and seeing that scarily huge pile of papers on your desk. Plus it makes me feel like a wimp. AND--this is the big one-- I'm going out to watch the games on Sunday with a couple of guys from work and (some of them actually picked the Packers in the pool this week) I am not going to miss it and I don't want to feel guilty about it. I know there wouldn't be a need for me to feel guilty- but I've been warped by my mother's work ethic. They'll have to boot me out of here to make me get some rest. So we're back to my original point- I'm an idiot. But I'm trying to look on the bright side: if someone pisses me off I can cough on them!

Wednesday, December 6

The Stackhouse Filibuster

I've identified the cause of the malaise. I'm getting a head cold. Headache, scratchy throat, with aches and chills thrown in for fun. Everyone else in the office is pissed b/c our heater is stuck on 'on' but I'm sitting here with a wool coat on. And ok, I can't blame it all on the cold, I'm still wondering what will happen with G.E., if anything. I think I'm going to take a sick day on Friday-give myself a break. Maybe my mom will overnight me some chicken soup (yeah I know- I'm such a baby...)

Lord John Marbury

So I was going to write about the movies I watched last night. I was going to say witty things about Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith but 'I got nothin'. It's just one of those days. I might have pissed someone off with a smart ass remark last night, and I would really regret that. Plus it's just one of those days when I really don't feel like being here. I would much rather be home in my bed with a book and a cup of coffee. Oh well, at least there are M&Ms.

Tuesday, December 5

Why I love Puppy aka D.G. aka Hubble

Well really the reasons are myriad and expand exponentially every time I see him. He’s just awesome. End of post.
No, really, we had a great lunch. I took two hours off so we’d really have time to catch up, and we did. He’s on his way to DC and a job at the Kennedy Center (Yea for him!!!). I got all the news from home, most of which is NOT fit to print, and presents (what girl doesn’t like presents?). Most of all it was nice to be with someone who has known me for so long…and still likes me , nice to talk to someone who assumes I’m still writing instead of wondering. I miss the friends with whom I could speak in short hand or not have to speak at all. We’re spreading across the country quickly now, but hopefully we’ll all keep in touch. I know I’ll be heading to DC on a regular basis now (and not just because you brought me a football- because you know what Nemo means!). This is a guy who keeps a flag on his dashboard that I gave him years ago so that he can claim gas stations (if you don’t get the reference go watch Eddie Izzard) and makes a cd of U2, Robert Johnson, Coltrane, Green Day, Dixie Chicks, Ludacris, Chely Wright, Sasha Dobson and RHCP to drive up here listening to so he’d be in a ‘Graeme mood’ when he saw me. Really, how can you not love him? (Or steal the CD?) He also figured out that I was writing this blog when I hadn’t told him the name (not that hard if you know me, really). I know he’s starting to sound too good to be true and I’d list his faults, but they wouldn’t matter to anyone he’s not dating…plus he’ll be reading this and he’d probably post whole lists of mine. So, I guess all I really wanted to say was good luck, Pup. I love you!
….See ya’ Hubble…

Where we met

The Christmas Show aka Danny Loves Jordan (and I love Danny!)

Ladies and Gentlemen could you please join me in welcoming Aaron Sorkin back to television. There were some rocky moments, I’ll grant you. A couple of times when I will admit that I didn’t feel Aaron was up to his old standards, but we are in the groove now and just sailing along! Ok- let’s get right down to it, first I’d like to thank Aaron for continuing his self referential streak. There are certain rules in the Sorkin universe, some of which were highlighted last night. 1) Brad Whitford will always be bad in medical settings- but will always force himself to go through it for women her cares about. Why, because it’s fun to watch him squirm. 2) The lines we love will show up in the next show Aaron does: “There is no law/Can I get a civilization?” is now in it’s third prime time network series, as is “I’ve moved on to other things in my head”. And of course you have to put the Jewish character in charge of Christmas, it’s tradition. From the teaser

“We’re having a baby?”
“I’M having a baby.”
“Relax, you’ll be
Right through to the credits, this was a great show. Yea to Harriet getting a serious movie role offer and not having to defend her faith again- we need a little break from that. And if anyone is interested there was an article in the NYT about Kristin Chenoweth that reminded me of where I had heard that story line before. Check it out:

The tribute to New Orleans was made me cry. Ok- sob…buckets. Oddly enough it didn’t make me angry, the way anything connected to Katrina usually does. I thought that it was beautiful and sad. I also appreciated the story line. If you want to help check out this link: People have said to me that Aaron’s characters tend to take themselves too seriously- or their jobs too seriously, especially on Studio 60. As a person who was raised in the theatre I can tell you that this is partly true. The line I think they walk well is in taking the work extremely seriously and in taking yourself pretty lightly. When you’re doing a show it isn’t ever “just a show”. And when you have a chance to help fellow artists and make something beautiful at the same time, you do it. I have no doubt that the story line was based on things that have been going on in LA and New York.

Last—but definitely not least: I LOVE BRADLEY WHITFORD!!! SOOOO MUCH!!!! Of course I know that it isn’t really him that I love, just the characters that he and Aaron create, but I REALLY love them. I mean, seriously people, let’s be honest: Matt and Harriet’s kiss was ok- cute in the way a little bit of jealousy can be. But Danny and Jordan were 10 times better…at least! It was all seven years of Josh and Donna distilled into one episode. It was one of those moments when your breath catches in your throat (and not because of the Katrina cry either) and you just smile…beam, and then sigh. You can’t help it. I want to watch it over and over—but I have a lunch date, so it’ll have to wait.

Well guys you got a super sized morning post and I’m taking a super sized lunch hour to see Puppy so I wouldn’t expect an afternoon post…on the other hand you never know what I might have planned have planned for you….

Monday, December 4

Celestial Navigation

I've been waiting to use that title forever! It's my favorite West Wing episode title, but I could never find a good reason to use it (it's not like I'm going to be picking supreme court nominees up from jail any time soon) until today. My boss lent me his Navigator to go to lunch, since my car is currently getting checked out in the shop. He listens to Rush Limbaugh but other than that he's a pretty good guy. I'm lucky. The company is checking out my car and they're going to take care of anything they find. I can pay them back in the new year so my Christmas doesn't get screwed. It's not like they don't know where to find me :-) So I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have my car back by COB. You never know-maybe things will start going my way...
At least I have Aaron to keep me company tonight. Studio 60 is on- YEA!!!

A Proportional Response

So much for the drama free weekend! I walked out of my house on Sunday to find my car missing. After several heart attacks and a call to 911 I found out that it had been towed b/c the sticker from my apartment complex with my parking permit had expired. Not the lease mind you, just the sticker. Two and a half hours later (minus a bumper...sort of) I was just in time to watch the Jets trounce my Packers. Could the day get any worse? Well, yes actually. One of my many problems is that I can't keep my mouth shut even when it is in my best interests and I did it again last night. I told someone how I felt about him and he told me I was drunk. I wasn't, and that probably wasn't the best response he could have given, but ok. Letting it go. I can't change how much I like him or the mixed signals I pick up from him all I can do is let it go.
At least I got some good news this morning PUPPY IS COMING TO VISIT!!! A friend from Charleston is on his way to DC and he's stopping here tomorrow to have lunch with me (everyone say YEA now and do a little happy dance). Sundays (for two years before I moved up here) used to mean pizza and football with my boys at Puppy's apartment. We'd spend the entire day spread out on the floor or the couch watching the games and reading the newspaper or throwing darts. Halftime was a quick game of Madden on the Xbox. Those Sundays were pretty much perfect. I guess it's true that you really don't know what you've got until it's gone. Although I'm starting to get pretty comfortable with Sega and Lindsay-my-sunday-bartender and G.E. it's not the same, nothing ever will be (You can't get BBQ chicken pizza with blue cheese sauce up here), it's still pretty good--and that ain't nothin!

PS- Only Puppy and I know the secret of the nickname...sorry...

Saturday, December 2

Cast Update

I did all the work for you! These are imdb links for the cast members of the WW. So now you can catch up with our old friends too!

Stockard Channing/ Abigail Bartlett:

Dule Hill/ Charlie:

Allison Janney/ CJ Cregg:

Joshua Malina/Will Bailey:

Janel Moloney/ Donnatella Moss:

Richard Schiff/ Toby Z. Ziegler:



Anna Deavere Smith/ Nancy McNally:

Mary McCormack/ Kate Harper:

Lily Tomlin/ Debbie Fiderer:

Kathryn Joosten/ Delores Landingham:

NiCole Robinson/ Margaret Hooper:

Melissa Fitzgerald/ Carol Fitzpatrick:

Devika Parikh/ Bonnie:

Kathleen York/ Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt:

West Wing:

Tomorrow /The End/ I'm A Big Dork

So, I did it last night. I watched the last episode of the West Wing on DVD. It was horrible. Not the episode, the experience. No next disc to put in, barely any special features at all on the whole season-- too, too depressing. There was one bright spot, however-- Aaron was seated on the dais at the inauguration!!! I don't know why I didn't see him when it first aired, maybe because I cried the whole way through it. But this time I did see him and it made me feel better. It was like a blessing on closing the book and putting it down. Ok, now I'm starting to take it too far, but it's the truth.
So I'm letting it go. A little. I'll still be buying the complete set at some point (after I win the lotto). And I'm sure I'll hole myself up in my apartment for a week to watch them all, but- ok no. I'm not letting it go and I really don't want to. Hell, I'm wearing a What Would Leo Do t-shirt right now! I'm not letting go- I'm staying a fan and I don't care how silly it may seem. Aaah. Good to get that out.

Friday, December 1

Christmas Hell

Remember when I said I was done? Not so much. 2500 Christmas cards, stuffed with coupons and salesman's business cards need to be ready by Monday. Guess who's in charge? Fun Saturday fun!....and life sucks yet again.

Drama Free Zone

I'm done. I need a break from the shocks and the crashes, the flare ups and the emergencies. So, I'm declaring this weekend a Drama Free Zone. There will be movies (I'm thinking of going to see Casino Royale tonight), there will be cool new sweatshirt, there will be football and bloody marys but there will be no more of this craziness that's gone on this week. Fate needs to cut me a break and give me a weekend off. I'm not asking for wealth, or fame or even love---just some smooth sailing and maybe a little fun. So how about this, universe, you don't mess with me and I won't mess with you, huh?

...and if the Packers could beat the Jets that would be great too...