Monday, December 4

Celestial Navigation

I've been waiting to use that title forever! It's my favorite West Wing episode title, but I could never find a good reason to use it (it's not like I'm going to be picking supreme court nominees up from jail any time soon) until today. My boss lent me his Navigator to go to lunch, since my car is currently getting checked out in the shop. He listens to Rush Limbaugh but other than that he's a pretty good guy. I'm lucky. The company is checking out my car and they're going to take care of anything they find. I can pay them back in the new year so my Christmas doesn't get screwed. It's not like they don't know where to find me :-) So I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have my car back by COB. You never know-maybe things will start going my way...
At least I have Aaron to keep me company tonight. Studio 60 is on- YEA!!!