Tuesday, December 5

The Christmas Show aka Danny Loves Jordan (and I love Danny!)

Ladies and Gentlemen could you please join me in welcoming Aaron Sorkin back to television. There were some rocky moments, I’ll grant you. A couple of times when I will admit that I didn’t feel Aaron was up to his old standards, but we are in the groove now and just sailing along! Ok- let’s get right down to it, first I’d like to thank Aaron for continuing his self referential streak. There are certain rules in the Sorkin universe, some of which were highlighted last night. 1) Brad Whitford will always be bad in medical settings- but will always force himself to go through it for women her cares about. Why, because it’s fun to watch him squirm. 2) The lines we love will show up in the next show Aaron does: “There is no law/Can I get a civilization?” is now in it’s third prime time network series, as is “I’ve moved on to other things in my head”. And of course you have to put the Jewish character in charge of Christmas, it’s tradition. From the teaser

“We’re having a baby?”
“I’M having a baby.”
“Relax, you’ll be
Right through to the credits, this was a great show. Yea to Harriet getting a serious movie role offer and not having to defend her faith again- we need a little break from that. And if anyone is interested there was an article in the NYT about Kristin Chenoweth that reminded me of where I had heard that story line before. Check it out: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/03/theater/03Gree.html?_r=1&ref=theater&oref=slogin

The tribute to New Orleans was made me cry. Ok- sob…buckets. Oddly enough it didn’t make me angry, the way anything connected to Katrina usually does. I thought that it was beautiful and sad. I also appreciated the story line. If you want to help check out this link: http://www.tipitinasfoundation.org/ People have said to me that Aaron’s characters tend to take themselves too seriously- or their jobs too seriously, especially on Studio 60. As a person who was raised in the theatre I can tell you that this is partly true. The line I think they walk well is in taking the work extremely seriously and in taking yourself pretty lightly. When you’re doing a show it isn’t ever “just a show”. And when you have a chance to help fellow artists and make something beautiful at the same time, you do it. I have no doubt that the story line was based on things that have been going on in LA and New York.

Last—but definitely not least: I LOVE BRADLEY WHITFORD!!! SOOOO MUCH!!!! Of course I know that it isn’t really him that I love, just the characters that he and Aaron create, but I REALLY love them. I mean, seriously people, let’s be honest: Matt and Harriet’s kiss was ok- cute in the way a little bit of jealousy can be. But Danny and Jordan were 10 times better…at least! It was all seven years of Josh and Donna distilled into one episode. It was one of those moments when your breath catches in your throat (and not because of the Katrina cry either) and you just smile…beam, and then sigh. You can’t help it. I want to watch it over and over—but I have a lunch date, so it’ll have to wait.

Well guys you got a super sized morning post and I’m taking a super sized lunch hour to see Puppy so I wouldn’t expect an afternoon post…on the other hand you never know what I might have planned have planned for you….