Tuesday, December 12

Gone Quiet

It's been a couple of days since I last posted and I'm sorry. It's been an exceedingly strange few days. It seems that before the year is new again 2006 would like me to deal everything it threw at me. Lately my life has been a video game where I just can not get to the next level. My problems are all boring so I won't bore you with them. One good thing though- I might be going to Vegas to see the Dan Band's New Year's Eve show! Yeah, you're all jealous now...just like you'll all be laughing at me when the whole thing falls through. But for now my fingers are crossed and I'm trying to look on the bright side of things. Trying to stay positive when it is fundamentally against my nature. And- of course- watching WW on DVD because there is nothing good on TV at the moment. So if you have some time you might want to get Season 3 of the West Wing and watch Gone Quiet. It is one of my top five episodes. Who else but Aaron could write a show about(drum roll please):
Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy
Why someone would want to be POTUS
Campaign Finance Reform
the NEA
Broken ankles
Medical Malpractice
Lawyers vs. Humanity
the Park Police
and Seniors
and make it FUNNY?! Not just funny, but smart and warm and funny. I'll say it again- I ADORE AARON SORKIN. Can't help it.