Friday, December 29

Happy Holiday Hangovers

People keep asking me what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve. I’m doing what I do every Sunday. Watching football. I’m going to watch the games with Sega and then I’m going home and avoiding all of the insanity that comes with this particular holiday.

Christmas was more than enough for me. I have never eaten or drank that much, that consistently in my life! Don’t get me wrong; I had a fabulous time. It was the first time that all of my siblings were home in years and we made the most of it. Now I need sleep. I need rest. I am a winter nester. When the weather turns cold I start cooking and cleaning. My house sparkles and smells wonderful. The old quilts come out to cover the couch and the bed; the big copper pots come out to cover the stove. There are chowders and stews and soups, casseroles and breads to make. Let’s face it a good home made clam chowder is only made better by a thick piece of bread just out of the oven. Crackers are for wimps. One of my sisters asked me if I would still do it now that I’m living alone. I told her that I never really did it for anyone else beside myself. I like the hours spent over a stove. I like taking recipes I have known by heart for so long that I can feel them in my bones and making magic out of them. There is something beautiful in the waiting for my winter foods. These are all day affairs. Meme Ruth used to say that if chowder took less than four hours to prepare you hadn’t done it correctly.
My house is not always a home. Sometimes it seems more like a hotel where I am stopping to sleep. But for a couple of months each year it is a cozy corner of the world filled with warmth and comfort. I’m starting that this new year with my split pea soup, peasant bread and berry pie. Enjoy your hangovers!