Monday, December 4

A Proportional Response

So much for the drama free weekend! I walked out of my house on Sunday to find my car missing. After several heart attacks and a call to 911 I found out that it had been towed b/c the sticker from my apartment complex with my parking permit had expired. Not the lease mind you, just the sticker. Two and a half hours later (minus a bumper...sort of) I was just in time to watch the Jets trounce my Packers. Could the day get any worse? Well, yes actually. One of my many problems is that I can't keep my mouth shut even when it is in my best interests and I did it again last night. I told someone how I felt about him and he told me I was drunk. I wasn't, and that probably wasn't the best response he could have given, but ok. Letting it go. I can't change how much I like him or the mixed signals I pick up from him all I can do is let it go.
At least I got some good news this morning PUPPY IS COMING TO VISIT!!! A friend from Charleston is on his way to DC and he's stopping here tomorrow to have lunch with me (everyone say YEA now and do a little happy dance). Sundays (for two years before I moved up here) used to mean pizza and football with my boys at Puppy's apartment. We'd spend the entire day spread out on the floor or the couch watching the games and reading the newspaper or throwing darts. Halftime was a quick game of Madden on the Xbox. Those Sundays were pretty much perfect. I guess it's true that you really don't know what you've got until it's gone. Although I'm starting to get pretty comfortable with Sega and Lindsay-my-sunday-bartender and G.E. it's not the same, nothing ever will be (You can't get BBQ chicken pizza with blue cheese sauce up here), it's still pretty good--and that ain't nothin!

PS- Only Puppy and I know the secret of the nickname...sorry...