Saturday, December 2

Tomorrow /The End/ I'm A Big Dork

So, I did it last night. I watched the last episode of the West Wing on DVD. It was horrible. Not the episode, the experience. No next disc to put in, barely any special features at all on the whole season-- too, too depressing. There was one bright spot, however-- Aaron was seated on the dais at the inauguration!!! I don't know why I didn't see him when it first aired, maybe because I cried the whole way through it. But this time I did see him and it made me feel better. It was like a blessing on closing the book and putting it down. Ok, now I'm starting to take it too far, but it's the truth.
So I'm letting it go. A little. I'll still be buying the complete set at some point (after I win the lotto). And I'm sure I'll hole myself up in my apartment for a week to watch them all, but- ok no. I'm not letting it go and I really don't want to. Hell, I'm wearing a What Would Leo Do t-shirt right now! I'm not letting go- I'm staying a fan and I don't care how silly it may seem. Aaah. Good to get that out.