Wednesday, December 13

The War at Home

My plan for last night was to go see a movie, maybe take myself out to dinner as well. Then one of the guys at work asked me if I wanted to come to his house for dinner--his wife was making a pot roast which is one of my great weaknesses so I said sure. I mean, who's going to pass up a pot roast? Not me. His daughter is four and I've baby-sat for her a few times and we have a little mutual admiration society going so I was looking forward to playing with her and their chocolate labs and eating a home cooked meal that I hadn't home cooked myself. Sounds like a good night, right? WRONG! Here's what they didn't tell me. His wife was trying to set me up with one of her co-workers. Apparently it's crazy that I'm 27 and single. It's not so much the set up that bothered me- M let that slip before we got to his house, he's a good guy. It was the fact that she thinks my life is so sad without a man in it that a set up was necessary. And the guy she picked! ICK! He wasn't bad looking, but he thought he was gorgeous. He had NO sense of humor and a huge sense of self-importance which was completely unwarranted from what I could tell. Plus he ignored McK- their little girl. Let me tell you- being mean to children and dogs is NOT the way to melt my heart. Anyway, everyone saw how bad it was going so I took McK and the dogs for a walk after dinner to give him time to create a reason to get out of there. After that things got better. McK had her bath while her dad and I made fun of the doofus and he promised never to ambush me like that again and then there was Cars...or the little bit of it we got through before she fell asleep. Plus, I got leftovers- so that made up for a lot.
Here's the thing- there are more than enough men in my life. I work with men, my friends are mostly men and there are plenty of men in my family. Yes, it would be nice to have someone special but I do not need him to be hand selected and presented to me with the potatoes and carrots! It'll happen when it happens. Besides I just don't know how ready I am for a relationship and the only person I've met who I'm interested in definitely isn't ready. So everyone needs to take a deep breath and back off. Well, not everyone- but I think the only one who doesn't need to back off isn't reading this anymore so... oh well...