Thursday, December 14

Ways and Means

This is why I'm not getting an iPod for Christmas: I have no willpower. This should be no surprise to those of you ( all three) who read me on a regular basis, but it is particularly bad around the holidays and birthdays. This Christmas I had told everyone at home that there weren't going to be traditional presents. I'm pledging an hour of volunteering for each member of my family to a charity. I've narrowed it down to three and they get to pick when I get home. So I felt good. True spirit of the season and all that. Then I went on to to look for a book i've had trouble finding and THAT's where I ran into trouble. Long story short- I had to call my dad and ask him to deposit some money in my bank account so I could, you know, buy food. In all fairness, I hadn't spent ALL of my money on my mom, I got my dad a couple of Sonny Rollins cds and a book I knew he'd like. So my dad deposits money in my account and leaves a message on my voice mail letting me know how much he put in and that instead of me paying him back he just won't get me an iPod for Christmas. I didn't even know I was getting an iPod!!!! But it's fine--I'm a big girl, It's not like I need and iPod(sniffle, sniffle)....
I'm still getting the complete West Wing collection from my sisters so it's all good. Aaron is all I need...(although I was going to make a West Wing playlist for my iPod with my favorite songs from each season-- I know, I know, I'm a big dork!)