Tuesday, December 5

Why I love Puppy aka D.G. aka Hubble

Well really the reasons are myriad and expand exponentially every time I see him. He’s just awesome. End of post.
No, really, we had a great lunch. I took two hours off so we’d really have time to catch up, and we did. He’s on his way to DC and a job at the Kennedy Center (Yea for him!!!). I got all the news from home, most of which is NOT fit to print, and presents (what girl doesn’t like presents?). Most of all it was nice to be with someone who has known me for so long…and still likes me , nice to talk to someone who assumes I’m still writing instead of wondering. I miss the friends with whom I could speak in short hand or not have to speak at all. We’re spreading across the country quickly now, but hopefully we’ll all keep in touch. I know I’ll be heading to DC on a regular basis now (and not just because you brought me a football- because you know what Nemo means!). This is a guy who keeps a flag on his dashboard that I gave him years ago so that he can claim gas stations (if you don’t get the reference go watch Eddie Izzard) and makes a cd of U2, Robert Johnson, Coltrane, Green Day, Dixie Chicks, Ludacris, Chely Wright, Sasha Dobson and RHCP to drive up here listening to so he’d be in a ‘Graeme mood’ when he saw me. Really, how can you not love him? (Or steal the CD?) He also figured out that I was writing this blog when I hadn’t told him the name (not that hard if you know me, really). I know he’s starting to sound too good to be true and I’d list his faults, but they wouldn’t matter to anyone he’s not dating…plus he’ll be reading this and he’d probably post whole lists of mine. So, I guess all I really wanted to say was good luck, Pup. I love you!
….See ya’ Hubble…

Where we met http://www.cofc.edu/theatre/index.html