Friday, January 26


Ok- so we all know how much I love Aaron. And the West Wing is still my favorite TV show ever created (SportsNight is third and the jury is still out on S60) but I have to confess two things.
1) I love Heroes. I do. I am completely sucked into that world and have even spent time wondering what the best special power would be for me. I love Masi Oka. I love that with everything he's gone through he still retains a childlike innocence and a faith in his destiny. I love that someone is writing a character that full of hope and doing it in a way that does not make fun of him at all. Yes- I have been sucked in by the warm-fuzzies.
2) I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Grey's Anatomy. I call my mother and my friend Val on commercial breaks. I screamed so loudly last night when Burke proposed that me neighbor knocked on my door to see if I was ok. I think that Isaiah Washington needs several smacks in the head and a good talking to (and probably a fine from ABC) but I can't get enough of his character. We're starting a pool to bet on who will say yes and who will say no. I'm on on Kristina *yes* and Callie *no*.

I actually don't watch that much TV. There are four shows I watch every week--when they're on: Heroes, S60, House and Grey's. Ok and I have a date with George Stephanopolous every Sunday. It's just that I really get into the shows I do watch. So I'm going to come clean and declare my love for my shows to the world. I won't be a closet sci fi lover any more than I will deny being one of the millions of 18-49 year olds making ABC even more millions off of Grey's.
*Sigh* It feels good to get that off my chest!