Wednesday, January 24

The Cult of Personality

I don't really feel like talking about S60. I know- shocking. I thought that the episode was well done and I enjoyed it. I really want to see where the Darius/Simon smackdown is going to go and I'm waiting for Jordan to bitch slap Danny or Hallie the next time someone denies her food...but I don't really feel like rehashing the entire thing.

I can't talk about the SotU with bile rising so i'm going to leave that alone. All I can say is that I am living in VA right now and I wasn't shamed by Webb's rebuttal so that's something I guess.

A strange thing is happening to me: I'm running out of things to bitch about. OK that isn't true because that would mean that the Evangelicals are right and the end of the world is nigh. What I mean is that the things that I normally bitch about aren't bothering me as much. I know guys, it's scaring me just as much as it is you. Maybe it's the whole exercising thing or volunteering at CHKD or maybe it's the vitamins with Omega-3s but something is melting away the bitch in me and I must say that it is a little sad to see her go.

I brought food in to work today. For no reason. I tried a new recipe last night (bleu cheese meatloaf with a horseradish crust) and it cam out awesome and so I brought some in to share. I've been sweet all day. SWEET! AT WORK!!! I am as shocked and horrified as you must be. Except I'm not- really. I'm pretty ok with it all--definitely not as freaked out as I should be.

It seems impossible. I've started working out (twice a week- i didn't turn into insane gym rat girl) and spending some of the free time i never thought i had helping other people --all of which has forced me to organize my life a little more ans now there is some nice person walking around in my body. She's not as funny as I was, but her ass is starting to look pretty good.