Wednesday, January 3

San Diego

So Christmas was great, but exhausting and coming back here was actually pretty good too. The sailor was leaving for San Diego the morning after I got back so… well that isn’t any of your business. I’ve been cleaning and cooking this past week- spending some quality time with my kitchen and thoroughly enjoying the results of my labors. My freezer is now full of soups and chowders and bread. I’m pretty much stocked through February now. I got three new paintings for Christmas, well, they aren’t new they had been hanging at my father’s house and the new wife wanted to make room for new ones, so I got to take my favorites. I have a shiny new gym membership. Everything is going well—so what is my problem?
The thing about the sailor is that it wasn’t actually supposed to be anything. There is no way that I could actually date this guy for any length of time is what I was thinking. So- we are attracted to each other, so what? Let it go at that. Except he’s funny. And he always calls me right when I’m thinking about him- which I do entirely too much. I can’t care about the fact that he’s too young for me when he’s being so damn sweet. He’ll be back from San Diego tomorrow and he wants to go to dinner and talk. So maybe it’s time I stop being such an intellectual snob and let a sexy guy be nice to me. Hmm…