Wednesday, February 7

Backwards Day

Remember ‘Spirit Week’ in high school? We usually had it right before homecoming and every day there would be a different theme. Today feels like backwards day to me. The managers at the company I work for are all gone. It’s a family owned business and one of them is getting married in the Bahamas on Saturday, so they’ve all left. And I am getting so much more done! Even with the slack that we have all had to pick up for them I am still flying through things. Strange.
Also- today is payday. I had forgotten about this until I got here because I’m not broke yet!!! VERY strange. The bills are all paid and the fridge is stocked and I am not quite sure what to do with myself. (Besides getting a jump on the Visa bill and taking a little trip to Nordstrom)
My father sent me a card in the mail. One of those ‘hang in there’ cards with a picture of a cat trying not to fall out of a tree. My father who didn’t even notice when I went on my first date somehow figured out that things have been a little tough in my world lately and actually did something about it. Stranger and stranger.
Next there’s going to be a gorgeous man whisking me off to live in Venice… ok probably not, but if life is going to weird why can’t I shoot for the stars right???