Friday, February 16

Concert Season- Part 1

The catalog for the VA Art Festival came in last week and Bonnie Raitt was on the cover. My cell phone rang yesterday morning and then John Legend and Corinne Bailey Rae were in my email. There was a plane ticket to Boston in my mailbox with an article on the Police reunion tour concert at Fenway. These are some of the reasons I LOVE CONCERT SEASON!!!
In general the spring and summer annoy me a little. There's no football, I look better in sweaters than in tank tops, and there is this undeniable truth: If you are naked and cold you can put clothes on but if you are naked and hot you're screwed. I am a fall/winter person. The years I spent in Charleston, SC only confirmed this for me. There spring is the start of the tourist invasion that lasts longer each year.
Now I have found a remedy. This isn't the Spring and then the Summer coming up. This is Concert Season Part One and Two! Why didn't I think of this before??? So far Part One is Bonnie, John and Corinne and Part Two is the Police. I'll keep you all updated as events are added, don't worry. The only thing better than planning for the John/Corinne show with S and V over lunch yesterday was getting home last night and getting the plane ticket to Boston from my sister L! She taught me to sing 'Roxanne' when I was three years old, which my parents thought was cute until they listened to the words and realized their toddler was singing about prostitution. She worshipped Sting and I worshipped her and as cheesy as it may seem I almost cried when I got those tickets.
I'll fill my Spring and Summer with live music and look for ward to the fall and my comfy sweaters.