Monday, February 19

Don't you worry 'bout a thing

There should be a color coded mood meter outside my door. On days when I'm feeling like this the absolute last question I want to answer is any variation on "What's wrong?" which I will have to deal with at least 20 times today. I'm just not that good a faking it.
(Well every woman is good at 'faking it' to some extent and I happen to be a master--but I digress)
When I'm angry or hurting I can't be the zany goofy office friend that everyone is used to. I pretty much just want to be left alone to get my work done. This is a hard transition to make on a Monday morning when I don't want to have to explain and yet all people seem to do is ask. What is a nice way to say "The sound of your voice is making me homicidal- please stop talking"? You tell one person that you're busy and don't have time to chat and suddenly my phone is ringing off the hook and my email box is full of inquiries into my mental state and happiness level. Apparently "I am busy and can't talk" is code for "I'm not doing a damn thing so please feel free to bug the hell out of me until I end up saying something rude and you get pissy about it".
Hey- maybe I could skip straight to the rudeness and everyone giving me the silent treatment since that is what I want anyway...hmm...