Tuesday, February 20

Message in a Bottle

I spent the entire day yesterday training D- the new finance person on how to use our phone system. Right now there are three of us who answer the phones and she'll be the fourth. She's not taking any longer than anyone else to learn our phone system but yesterday was NOT the day to ask me to be nice to a new person. I didn't even feel like being nice to the ones I already knew and liked. I guess no one got the memo. I really need to work on a Mood Alert System for my office door. She'll be spending today in the finance department- thank you God- so maybe I'll actually get some work done.
In other news the tickets for the Police reunion at Fenway Park go on sale this morning!!! Yea!!! Come July there will be me and Sting in tantric musical bliss (along with some other thousands of people whom neither of us will notice I'm sure).