Saturday, March 31

THE LIST part one

G -Sanctioned Birthday Month Presents
Multiple Orgasms
Fund my book store
A third season of ROME on HBO
The last Harry Potter book before anyone else (yeah I read them, what?!)
Sterling Vodka
Amarula Cream
The biggest bottle of Bailey's you can find
Bacon Bleu Cheese burgers from BYB that make you lose weight
(lots of) Oysters at AW Shucks
A Box of 'Feathers' from Godiva
Wash My Car...PLEASE
X Box should come home to visit
2 hours in Nine West with someone else's credit card
A raise
An extra week off
Happy hour with all my friends from work
An apartment's worth of new furniture
A puppy
An apartment where I can have pets
The Dan Band to serenade me at work
Amos Lee to serenade me at home
A new iPod
Sports Night on DVD
The L Word Boxed Set
One night with Brad Whitford, or John Legend, or Amos Lee, or Dominic West, or Brett Favre, or McSteamy ...
More Books
Some more Books
Bookstore gift cards
Someone to rub my back and refill my wineglass while I read
Someone to smack the idiot in the book store the other day
who tried to tell me Ayn Rand was a communist (stupid fucker)
A month of good hair days
A trip to Venice
A new stuffed animal (because I'm not too old)
A Sunday filled with coffee, news shows, food, cheesy movies, sex and sleep

1 Comment:

Blonde Ambition said...

I am getting you everything.-V (I will not be giving you the orgasms though, I will find someone that will).