Saturday, March 31

My Birthday Month

If you are offended by arrogance, entitlement or self-absorbtion...or if you can't take a joke you should not read this blog until May...or EVER really...

Maybe I shouldn't be this excited...and I know I shouldn't gush about it, but I have to tell you all that I GOT A COMMENT FROM THE BLACK POPE HIMSELF!!! Ok- I'm breathing, I'm calm, it's fine. Take THAT Company Bitch...HA!
* calming down and shaking it off*
Now, let's get down to some serious business: April is my birthday month. Some of you pansies may just have birthdays, and my good friend V rocked the birthday week, but now it is time for you all to watch the master (um I meant mistress) at work! Starting tomorrow the Birthday Month of G will commence with much singing, dancing, drinking and general revelry. But G, you ask, how can I prove my love for you and celebrate the fact that this planet was blessed with your existence? Good question, peon. First, you can build yourself a willow cabin at my gate and write loyal cantons of contemned love for me(or limericks about your favorite sexual positions because really, who doesn't love a limerick?). Second you can read my blog to keep up with all the general revelry and the plans for the 28th Annual Birthday Smackdown in Charleston, SC on April 17th, 2007. Third, the G does accept cash donations. As of this moment they are not tax deductible, but I might as well apply for not- for- profit status so that may change. Oh and hey, if you have any Aaron Sorkin or West Wing memorabilia you want to throw my way that'll work too. I will be keeping a running list of things I want for my birthday month which will be crossed off as they are received. Receipts will be posted via blog.
Before I go and you start your shopping or scribbling, one last thing: I talked to V last night. She was at a hockey game with her parents and she mentioned that she was going on a date with funeral boy next Friday when her mother reminded her that it will be Good Friday and said "Well, I hope it works out better for you than it did for Jesus."

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His Sinfulness said...

Congratulations on surviving another year! The birthday month is a great concept - tell your boss you need the entire month off for religious observances. If he has a problem with that, direct him to me - I'll write you a note.

For my birthday, I require only the simplest of festivities; small gifts of precious stones, a week of feasting, the BCPs dancing nude before my ebon throne, and the ceremonial slaughter of 7 white bulls - just the usual stuff...

WNG said...

I have a couple of white bulls myself that you could use when the time comes...I'll even gild thier horns for you!