Thursday, March 22

Ode to X

An Ode to the Box (Himself)
You better be reading this since you made me
write it!!!

His most magnificent and glorious Boxness is gone and we shall weep, wail and apply hair shirts to great effect. The next five months shall be a period of mourning for all the subjects of King Christian Sega the I. Life will not be worth living until he once again graces us with his magnificent presence… blah blah blah…

Ok Sega, so I miss you. I do. You are my daily giggle- in case you didn’t know. Having a crap day? Think about the great time you had with Sega singing any number of songs at the Thai karaoke place and what can you do but giggle? I love you bunches and am extremely bitter that Baltimore lured you away from my comely self.

That being said you had better have a damn good time…a good enough time to justify the sleepless nights that will ensue and countless tears that will flow as we all await word of a visit or *gasp* your return!!!

All joking aside- have fun, don’t forget about us and be safe. Not necessarily in that order.

With Love,
A loyal subject