Wednesday, March 14

Pizza Cancer

Don't ask.

So- went out with GE and a friend of his last night for some beer and pizza. Friend was nice and we had an ok time but GE was in a mood over a girl. Normally I would have had more sympathy for him---ok no I wouldn't have. I don't really 'do' sympathy. Here's what I don't get. GE is a good guy, he's attractive, smart, funny and sweet. Yes, he can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he's a man and that's an incurable illness for them. So why is he all hung up over this 24 year old girl when he could be dating an actual woman? Maybe that was harsh- I mean, I don't really know this chick ...and yes everyone matures at different rates... but I really think that's kind of bullshit. From what he's said about her she seems pretty immature and he's getting sucked into the game playing ( a bad thing for over thinkers) so I think this needs to stop. Ignore her. Walk away and ask out someone else. Odds are she'll be beating down your door in a month's time anyway but hopefully you'll have met someone who really wants to be with you and you won't care :-)
End of lecture/rant.

PS had some really good oysters last night- just thought I'd share. (not at the pizza place-at a bar)

PPS- Why is it that the most annoying person in the office is also the one who's voice carries the farthest? Also- could someone please tell her that and over 40, overweight person cannot carry off the no bra tank top look even if there is another shirt over it? I seriously cannot stand this woman.