Saturday, March 3

The shape of things

I was going to spend my day at work today looking for another job. My resume is updated and annoyance threshold with at job was routinely peaked. I love the people that I work with--it's the actual job that I have a problem with. Actually I am doing three people's jobs right now and I am getting paid for about 3/4 of one job. That is a little bit of a problem for me. Finally last week I had actually had enough(as opposed to other times when I said I had, but in fact was just blowing off steam) and I updated my information on Monster, CareerBuilder, and my local newspaper's website.
It was magical. My boss asked me in for a meeting with HER boss about getting someone to hand over the lesser functions of my job to so that I can 'grow in the company'. Also, the other job that I am covering is FINALLY going to be filled!!! There are four candidates coming in for interviews next week. (See I wasn't kidding about doing three jobs!) No one has said anything about a raise or a nomination for sainthood (just as likely around here) but I am not going to push. Besides, maybe something fabulous will pop up in one of my job searches!
So instead of spending the day looking for a new job I spent the day doing MY job. I got almost caught up from the hell that we will call 'last week' and while I was not able to get a jump on next week I was able to get all of my materials together for the sales meeting on Monday morning.
Maybe I'll give myself a gold star...or a martini...