Tuesday, March 13


My friend V went to a wake last night to meet a man.

Wait- let it sink in.

Say it to yourself a couple of times and enjoy the mirth that ensues.

She called me last night after the wake to tell me all about him. I swear I have not laughed like that in way too long. It just seems ridiculous to me, and in her defense it seemed so to her as well, that someone would actually be set up at a wake. Oh- did I not mention it was a set up? Well it was. SM's grandfather passed away on Sunday morning and she had been trying to get V to meet her cousin for months and the wake just seemed like a good idea...
She's at the funeral now. I am really hoping that it is to be supportive of SM...but I think it's at least a little bit because the cousin is hot...

In other news: We're going to the Grey's Anatomy watch party at BlackFinn on Thursday night. If you're going to watch impossibly pretty people do incomprehensibly stupid things you might as well get free appetizers and champagne is what I always say! Actually, V and I are going to dinner at AW Shucks first (because I am addicted to their tuna) so it'll be a whole night out! I'm pretty excited...is that sad?