Tuesday, April 3

100th Post! aka That'll Teach Me...

To run my damn mouth about Fate. The pipe under my sink sprung a leak and flooded my apartment. Stop laughing. It's not funny. Ok. It's a little funny. What is not funny are the over 200 books with water damage and the Playstation 2 that won't even turn on. What is even worse is this email I got from my mother a half hour ago:

So, just to let you know what's happening: when I left the house this
morning, I fell off the last step onto the cement step at the bottom. My
knees are all bloody and kinda reminded me of yours after your accident. I
think I sprained one of my toes on the left foot and I hurt my ring finger on
the right hand (looks all purple). So I'm eating advil to keep away the
pain. Of course, this Sunday I fly to Scottsdale for the conference and
won't I look just wonderful all black and blue sitting at the pool!!!
Also, remember that I will off this Friday (office is closed for good Friday)
and I will be out of the office until Thursday, I fly back into Charleston on
Wednesday night. Hope your day is going better than mine!

You want to mess with me, Fate? Bring it on! But you leave my family out of it! Mess with my mother again and I will kick your ass!!!

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His Sinfulness said...

Wow... talk about your "Ask and you shall receive."