Thursday, April 12

April Showers

For the past few days there has been much gastrointestinal unhappiness that I will not elaborate on because I love you all, dear readers. It was bad enough to warrant a trip to the doctor who basically said “Huh…well…you’re screwed.”, and then charged me $40.
I left his office, went home and passed out. Yes, V, I missed Lost…AGAIN! But at some point during that magical night two things happened…

This morning we got the first heavy spring rain of the year. I love these rains because they are soft and warm…perfect for dancing in (I had no time for dancing as I was almost late for work) and because they leave behind them a freshly scrubbed world and tons of open blooms. The rain passed just as I was heading out for lunch.

I went shopping for some birthday necessities (read: clothing) because I leave tomorrow for Chucktown, SC and the continuation on my Birthday Month festivities. And then, ladies and gentlemen I WENT TO TACO BELL FOR LUNCH! ‘But how could you do that with the aforementioned GI problems?’, you ask. Because they are gone! Because the cleansing rain that has purified Virginia has also purified my GI tract! Because, damn it, I am having a good day!!!

So tomorrow is my official work birthday and I am really looking forward to it now that both the world and I have been rained on and emerged clean and shiny. Life’s good, people. Celebrate!

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His Sinfulness said...

Happy Birthday!