Tuesday, April 10

B'Day Smackdown Countdown...or whatever

It’s odd, but life has been relatively drama free the past couple of days (I say this while throwing salt over my left shoulder, spinning three times counter- clockwise and spitting on the grave of a virgin because fate and I have not been on good terms lately).
I know- it’s Birthday Month and things should be rockin’…they aren’t. The new receptionist we hired didn’t show up for her second day of work. This would have been more annoying had I liked her. There was nothing wrong with her, exactly…she just wasn’t up to G’s Birthday Month standards of fabulousness. So I got to call my first choice back…hopefully she hasn’t take another job because I really do not want to start this search all over again.
The B’Day Smackdown Countdown has started and I have to tell you that I’m feeling pretty blasé about the whole thing- very un-G-like of me, I know. And where is this malaise coming from you ask? Shit, I don’t know! If I did I wouldn’t be blogging about it. SO…loyal reader(s)…(I say reader b/c I think GE has deserted us L)…if you have any ideas as to how I might get myself in the correct frame of mind for a week of drunkenness, hilarity and general debauchery I would love to hear from you. And if you happen to know a good receptionist…

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His Sinfulness said...

Whenever I am really down, I think my happy thought:
"No matter how bad things get, remember that somewhere, right now, Prince is still trying to grow a mustache."