Saturday, April 7


So, I'm in bed this morning, after a night of crab cakes (I made them and they were uber-tasty) and wine (Clean Slate Riesling-damn good stuff). It's one of those snuggly mornings where the light is grey and your bed is warm, as is TS beside you so you already wake up pissed that you have to leave snuggly happiness for Office Hell. AS if anyone is going to be calling us on the day before Easter. Whatever. So I get over all of this, even though sleeping in on rainy mornings ranks right up there with world peace, and I get up to take a shower and prepare for another day of O.H. I happen to look out the window and what do I see FUCKING SNOW!!! What the hell??? It is snowing in Virginia on the day before Easter. There are reasons why I live in the south and weather is one of the big ones. This is some bullshit people! Snow in birthday month, someone should be shot!
I'm just pouty because I had to leave the warm, man filled bed on a crap day to go to work. Ignore me and go about your business.


His Sinfulness said...

I should have warned you, WNG. This sort of weather attack happens to members of the Flock from time to time.; it's Benedict. Yes, I mean Benedict XVI. We were even attacked right here in Black Vatican City a few years ago.

Trust me - your suffering will not go unpunished. As we speak, Ministry operatives working in deep cover at that other Vatican are swiping the red Prada loafers of His Holiness and replacing them with knock-offs from Payless...

WNG said...

Well then we need to find a way to fight back! Is THAT what happend to my Gucci sunglasses?!?!