Wednesday, May 16

Allergy Apology

It’s not that I have anything specifically against the pharmaceutical companies- it’s just a feeling that if I took the time to look I could find plenty to be pissed about. Still, I’ve never been one to jump to conclusions (I don’t have the mat or anything) so I’ve just stayed quiet when others debated the evils of Pfizer and their ilk.
Now I also have never had allergies in my life- until this week. My head has staged a revolt against the rest of my body. My head is SC in 1861. My head hates me and is making its hatred known. I am NOT being melodramatic here. The past four days have held nothing but pounding, dripping, blowing, itching, and coughing HELL with a distinct lack of oxygen.
So when a new friend, who happens to be a pharmaceutical rep, offered to drop by my office with some samples of nuclear strength allergy meds I could not say no. The flesh is weak and the flesh lives in one of the worst states for allergies in the nation. So the Rep will be here after lunch and I will squash any errant bourgeois liberal guilt with the pounding of my sinus headache and take the pills. And be grateful.


Flynn said...

Eww, sorry hun, that's no fun :S
Hope the uber-drugs do the trick :)

His Sinfulness said...

I feel your pain; I have adult-onset allergies myself. I tried Benadryl, Claritin, Chlor-Trimeton, Dimetane, Tavist, Sudafed, Afrin, Allegra, Cocaine, Cannabis, Psilocybin...
None of them really worked for me - although each was its own kind of fun. The best I can offer is this blessing:

"May your allergens blooming seasons be short, and your life be in air conditioned spaces. Amen"

WNG said...

Zyrtec, especially when it's free, is a beautiful thing. Nancy Reagan was wrong- Just Say YES!!!