Wednesday, May 23

Beast of Burden

It’s my fault. I cut almost all of my old friends when I left Chucktown, SC. Although I missed them it was just too hard to deal with them (and their questions about my ‘new’ life). Eventually I built myself a life here and now when I go back I don’t exactly dread bumping into someone but I don’t seek them out either. When I got sucked into the vortex of MySpace I found most of them- did some recon and didn’t let them know I was there. There are only two people I tried to reconnect with.
Now there is a big reunion that everyone has apparently been excited about for some time. I found out by through one of the reconnections. It is happening this weekend. All the C of C theatre folk are getting together and our cheesy college band ‘Colonel Mustard and the Condiments’ are playing at a local bar.
I wasn’t invited. This is my fault. I’m the one who didn’t return phone calls or emails for over a year. I did my best to drop off their radar screen and now I don’t get to pout about being left out. So, why does it hurt so much? And why am I suddenly thinking about taking a drive down to Chucktown that I can’t really afford?


His Sinfulness said...

They say, "you can't go home again" but what they really mean is "you have a home somewhere else now."

WNG said...

They also say "Stop being such a baby!" And I will. Thanks, Your Sinfulness.