Monday, May 21

Blog Envy

I'm not the funny one, or the smart one, or the sexy one. I feel like SUCH a middle child (except I'm not related to any of these bloggers. Well my dears, no post today. Mostly it's because I am too busy thinking homicidal thoughts about my coworkers to be able to type effectively ( and we all know how important efficacy is in blogland) but my Official Excuse is that I am not as cool as these other blogs you should be reading instead:
Ministry of Linus
Company Bitch


mist1 said...

I have been free of homicidal thoughts all day.

Tonight should be exciting. I'm overdue.

His Sinfulness said...

Don't sell yourself short - your blog has given me a laugh more than once! :)

Also - I find that a little dish soap in the water cooler is all it takes to send half the office home with diarrhea...

WNG said...

Mist1: Homicidal thoughts make the world go 'round...that and ducks!

HSBP:They will never find out where I got the idea...I promise!