Tuesday, May 22


Last week Boss and another woman in our office decided to start fasting. They weren’t doing it for religious reasons, or to lose weight- they were doing it to get rid of parasites. Yes, parasites. Apparently our bodies are full of parasites from the food we eat and things we drink. Both of them wanted to start eating more organic and/or healthier foods and really, what’s the point of that if your parasites are going to be getting all the nutrients from your $9 tomato? So for one week they ate no solid food. They followed a fasting plan they had found that revolved mostly around this tea they drank all day while the rest of us taunted them with baked goods and French fries.
This morning I come in to work and SM tells me that Boss has the stomach flu that has been ripping my fair city a new one for a couple weeks now. I keep thinking about all her smug looks and little speeches and I must say that I giggle. I do.
It’s not that I’m against a healthy lifestyle, or organic foods. (Although I do think buying local is more important for your community and your planet) I just happen to enjoy it when any extremist gets knocked off of their soapbox. If they get knocked onto their knees in front of the Porcelain God- so much the better. This is what happens to those who mock my Back Yard Burger!


mist1 said...

I would never try to rid myself of parasites. We have a symbiotic relationship. I feed them. They keep me company.

His Sinfulness said...

Am I the only one who thinks "Back Yard Burger" sounds dirty?

WNG said...

Mist: I happen to love my parasites - they keep me looking slim.

HSBP: Well now it'll be even more fun to "Lunch in our Back Yard"!

Flynn said...

I find myself wondering what "parasites" they are talking about... The human body is full of things that, if they knew, most people would find very unsettling. However, most of the parasites that dwell within, particularly within the digestive tract, are required for... you know, life.

WNG said...

This is true.
Did Flynn just comment from Texas??? Be still my heart!

D said...

A royal flush for one's body is a good thing every now & again. So thank goodness I am not so ultraist, now how can I be with a drawer full of twix's and Kit Kat's yummies in the office.I am thankfully content, in this case I keep my high horses locked in their stables this time. And in the case just came along for the ride. Perhaps if I were a " Organic" dogmatist I would really be getting it from both ends....The shits & GIGGLES! -Royally! D.