Thursday, May 24

Weekend Plans

My brother will be on TV again!!! (say it NOW!)

Yes, it is a cheesy mini series, but these are the things you do for family! Here's the email I got:

OK, not exactly MY mini-series; but I'm in it.This Sat/Sun night on the Hallmark channel.
Myself and my new best good buddy Faye Dunaway. Faye, that's what I call her, plays the Gov. of California and I play her Chief of Staff. Sorry your Memorial Day weekend party plans have to be changed - but thanks for staying home Sat/Sun night to support me. I'll be in Vegas, so somebody Tivo it for me


Well, I'll be home- but cableless (did I just make up a word?) so if any of you want to tape it and send it to the G that would be great! Either way- check it out. He's adorable.


His Sinfulness said...

As an Urban Amish, I lack the technology to record said program, but I hope Theo and Faye can save California!

As for the cheesiness of it, my sister is also in the business (costume designer) and she always says, "Any work beats no work."

WNG said...

My cousin is an (Emmy Winning) costume designer too! I wasn't bragging there- the entire family is contracturally obligated to mention the Emmy every time we use her name. It was hell on her Christmas cards :-)