Thursday, June 21

Boys of Summer

Italian men are taking over my life. My very fav cousin (I have over 30, so that 's saying a lot) married one and has now given birth to two. The latest is the newly named Cashius Anthony Contardo. I fought her on the spelling...and I lost. Thankfully he is adorable enough to overcome having a 'different' name. If I can do it- he can. I will meet him in July when I visit the family in Mass for the Police concert. As I get more pictures of him I will probably bore you all to death with them so remember- you were warned.
The second Italian, Joe, is just as adorable (although in a fully grown way). I am promising you right now that I will not turn this blog into "A Whole New Man". I hate it when normally rational women go completely nuts over a guy and can't string together two sentences without mentioning his name. In that spirit I will try to keep this a mush free zone (except when it comes to babies, I'm a sucker for babies!).
On a sad note, Mist 1 has lost her beloved Wiggy. If you have a moment to post a condolence I'm sure she'd appreciate it.
Be kind to each other, Italian man or not, and enjoy the Solstice!

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mist1 said...

Hey, thanks. I've been a wreck. Who knew that I could love a rodent so much?

I appreciate it.