Thursday, June 7

It's OK to look

I have a date tonight that I do not want to go on. I’d rather snuggle into bed with a book and a beer until Studio 60 comes on. Then I can fall asleep and dream of Bradley Whitford…hmm…yum. But I accepted the date (after stalling for almost a month) so now I’m stuck driving all the way out to the beach for sushi and pool with the Big Pharmaceutical Minion.
Now, I like the beach (just not the drive) and I like sushi…and honestly, the BPM isn’t that bad. It’s just that I’m not attracted to him (he looks like a teddy bear with braces) and we don’t have anything in common. He doesn’t read, he’s conservative; we don’t have the same taste in music or movies. We don’t don’t like the same sports teams or even the same leagues. We both have a slightly cruel sense of humor, which can make for some dangerously witty banter, but that’s about it. I know all of this because while I have been stalling on the date front we have talked on the phone about once a week for the past month. It’s not so much that he hates the things that I love; it’s that he dismisses them.
V thinks that I need to actually go on the date before I can be sure there couldn’t be anything there. I think I have to go on this date because I said I would and I can’t back out on the day of the date. At least it’s an excuse to buy shoes.
On Saturday I will be “putting myself out there” on Yes. I has gotten that bad.


His Sinfulness said...

If there is no chemistry, then all the sushi in the world can't make it happen.

WNG said...

True...but I am a sucker for raw fish... wait- something was wrong with that statement...