Friday, June 1

Part 1- The Descent

It’s not that the drive to Chucktown was bad- it’s that I spent so much time in the car NOT driving. The six hour drive home took me a little over 8 ½. I am not good at waiting people. I faked my way through kindergarten: I do not share, I do not wait and I do not nap…ok so sometimes I nap, but there is usually alcohol involved. By the time I got to Mama G’s place I never wanted to see another car again.
Mama G, being the miraculous creation she is, had the cure for what ailed me all ready to go; when I walked in the door I was greeted with a hug, a sub from Jersey Mike’s and a Corona. It was officially summertime. I had just finished my sandwich and was on my second beer when the phone rang and Justin Timberlake was singing from my mom’s phone telling her how fine she looked. No comment.
My Big Sister G was calling from downtown wondering why we were not at the bar with her. This led to many more beers and equally unanswerable questions that night. By the time we got home I was sure I had never been so tired in my life. It was after three am, countless beers and a trip to the Waffle House that I unpacked my car and settled down on Mama G’s futon to begin the sweet slide into oblivion.


His Sinfulness said...

An excellent beginning - but where are the crotch blisters?

WNG said...

Patience my dear Black Pope...patience...