Saturday, June 2

Part 5- The End

A friend once asked me if everything my family did revolved around food. I laughed because it was such a stupid question. Of course! Walk into the house of any of my relatives and you will be handed a beverage, a plate and asked your opinion on whatever music is playing. This is how we communicate with each other (over and above the screaming matches about politics, money and who has the biggest chest). We cook, we mix, we pour, we sing, we dance. Basically it's a pretty damn cool family and exhausting...


Papa G and I met at my favorite breakfast place in Chucktown, The Hominy Grill, for breakfast at 8am. We went to see Auntie G after that and I was on the road by 11am. My car, Pookie, was packed with clean clothes (Thanks Mama G) and a bag of goodies (Thanks Papa G and Wife #5). Pookie and I tooled down I-26 and then 95 listening to the Chucktown radio station until it was completely gone...then we switched to our Nano and rocked it out into North Cackalacky.

Somewhere in the mysterious NC Pookie got hurt. One of her tires blew and I had to limp her to an off ramp and call AAA. Thanks to my platinum (Papa G :-)service we were on the road again soon and we made it home without further incident. All was well. Pookie and I were exhausted and slightly shaken, but we were home and we were safe. We were even looking forward to going to work the next day (mostly just to read our friends blogs, but still...)

So why was there no blog on Tuesday??? Why did it take so long for a post? Because G got amazingly sick on Monday night. (Did you not notice the times I was getting to bed and waking up?) and was not back to work until Thursday.

Stop panicking. I have been to the doctor and I was assured that it was merely a sinus infection and exhaustion. After antibiotics, nasal lavage and massive amounts of sleep I am back in the saddle...ish.

So there it is. The final installment in our five part series:

Pandemic Is Not Just a Movie My Brother Was In- It Is My Life

I do hope you enjoyed it :-)