Saturday, June 2

Part Four- Sweaty Condiments

Sunday was spent with Papa G and Wife #5. I went out to 'The Island' for brunch at 'The Club'. The whole thing was pretty silly. Ever since I had gotten to Chucktown it was like I was living in a rap video, or an episode of the OC or something equally pointless. It's not that I wasn't having fun- it's just that I knew this was not my place.

Papa G and I went on a hunt for a NYTimes for the next couple of hours and it was great fun. Everywhere we went had just sold out but we ended up with coffee, flip flops, Orangina, and "An Assault on Reason" and a bunch of laughs. It was a good day.

Sunday night I showered very carefully and bandaged my crotch blisters with absorbent sterile pads and tape (because nothing says party like absorbent sterile pads). I was ready to go. The whole point of my trek to chucktown was to see Colonel Mustard and the Condiments perform at the Beer Works. I got there and I was slammed by all the good and bad memories of college(and by my old roommate who screamed, ran across the bar and jumped into my arms when I walked in- i felt like such a rock star). It was great to see everyone, almost everyone, and dance like an idiot to songs that no one but our crew knows all the words to. Ice Cold was not there, which was remarked upon constantly, but they did play Beast of Burden. It is not possible for any (straight) woman and quite a number of gay men to listen to Matt Crosby sing that song and not want to jump him. I don't care how short he is! The best part was that I didn't feel anything that had made me nervous about going down there in the first place. Sure, some people were doing better than I was, but some were doing nothing. I realized that I like where I am now and that I don't really miss those people. What I missed was who I was then. CofC theatre was an extended childhood for me and I am glad that I was able to go to the show and put my Pooh Bear away. This pic of our old hang out says it all.

By 4 am I was home and really looking forward to coming back to VA.