Friday, June 29


I don’t have a theme. There is no central idea. There are just ten million things rattling around in my head and I thought I’d get some of them out by dumping them on you, dear reader. First of all, I had a typically wacky conversation with the BPM last night about how much he loves Bank of America. Hey- it takes all kinds. So, I was planning on doing a bank blog this morning but Mist 1 beat me to it. There will be appropriate retribution, I assure you.
This morning on the news I saw a piece about the Democratic debate last night at Howard University that made me wince. I hate it when pols try to pander to an interest group under the guise of ‘addressing their issues’. It bugs me that Hillary is doing so well among African American voters when she turns my stomach and I am completely incensed that she was the only one with a decent answer on the terrifyingly high rate of HIV/AIDS among young African American women.

I saw an African American man with a Confederate flag on his truck last weekend and I cannot get the image out of my head. Up is down and down is up.
I have to work tomorrow and I’m planning on messing around with the design (if you can call it that) of my blog. Anyone with any snazzy ideas can leave them in comments.
There are hickies on my neck!!! I should think that this is high-schoolish and mildly embarrassing…but I don’t. It keeps making me giggle.
Last, but certainly not least; I was missing a certain person in my comments section lately who has recently returned to me and I’m all aflutter.
To sum up: The BPM loves BOA, I loathe Hillary, AA and CSA together confuse me, blogs are hard, but bruises are good and someone loves me again!!!
No more caffeine for G, huh?


mist1 said...

I love appropriate retribution. I'm not into S & M or anything, I just occasionally like a little appropriate retribution.

WNG said...

Mist- Me too. Especially if there's tequila involved. I'll figure something out...

His Sinfulness said...

Sounds hawt... Can I watch the retribution?