Wednesday, June 6

The Wasteland

I swear that not every day is like this but I just had to share. This is the email conversation I had this morning with Willis at work.

W: good morning sunshine how was your evening
G: It was good. Yours?
W: it was interesting you should have come up to Mexico’s last night you would have had fun
G: I had a book and beer at my house, I was all set. Glad you had fun though.
W: is it a good book?
G: It was, yes.
W: did you get a buzz
G: No.
W: why not i had one hell of a buzz
G: Because I only had one beer.
W: hell you should have more
G: Why?
W: to get a buzz
G: Didn’t need one.
W: why not
G: I don’t understand.
W: don’t understand what why you should have gotten a buzz
G: Yeah, or why you think I should have.
W: I don’t know it just sounded good.
G: Ummm…ok.
W: are you making fun of me in your head
G: Not yet. So, why was it interesting?
W: why was what interesting
G: Your evening. You said it was interesting.
W: oh yea just had a lot of fun bullshittin and dave being wasted and talking shit to the Mexicans
G: Interesting.
W: yes it was
G: I’ll take your word for it.


His Sinfulness said...

If you must buzz, beer is too much work. I go straight for the tequila...

WNG said...

Tequila gets me in trouble. My clothes tend to come off...

karma lennon said...

Hey, a beer and a book sounds like a good evening to me. But then again so does tequila and nakedness. ;)